Behavioral Issues, Grief, Life Coaching, Self-Esteem
As a COUNSELOR and CHRISTIAN, I love helping children and adults create a life that works and look forward to the future. I BELIEVE that we all need someone to talk with who will really listen and accept us as we are, without judgment. I provide my clients with a WARM, nonjudgmental environment—a SAFE place to explore the issues that may be preventing you from living the life you want. I use a variety of approaches to help my clients, depending on individual needs. I am gifted at establishing rapport and guiding my clients towards their BEST self.
I believe that health is wealth. I assist & encourage my clients to address their issues with an emphasis on TOTAL WELLNESS. We are spiritual beings and need to nurture our souls as well. It is well known that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are one. My clients are educated on natural VITAMIN/ SUPPLEMENTS and PRAYERS that may assist in their treatment goals.
GoodMoodHealth.com ~ Feel free to browse the website for health education/ information, prayers, and self-help. I created this website as a labor of love for everyone to have a place they can get HOPE and SUPPORT. Visit ww.goodmoodhealth.com for information on mood boosting alternatives and supplements.

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