This group will use the CBT model to challenge the thoughts, feelings and beliefs as a result of the incident. It will help identify their stuck points and aware of how their automatic thoughts keeps them stuck. This will be in a comfortable nonthreatening atmosphere. Clients will have been through individual therapy to address the incident before attending the group. They will have a full understanding of the model.

Do you suffer from constant anxiety and or panic attacks? Do you have a history of loss, difficult relationships and other traumatic experiences that hurt when you think about them today? Well, you are not alone. Seeking counseling can be an anxious time for many people, yet I believe it can be the start to a positive and productive experience. I believe joining with my clients to create a therapy experience tailored to their individual needs is important. The therapy sessions will be a safe place to gain new skills to help you live a more prosperous and fulfilling life.
I offer online therapy which provides convenience, privacy and affordability all in one place. There are so many different types of situations or experiences that can create a need for therapy.
I have experience successfully helping people feel less depressed or anxious, build their parenting skills with strong willed children, get through difficult life changes, improve their relationship with their partner or friends, and create a less stressful environment for themselves. I am trained in a few research based treatments for trauma and parenting.

I am a firm believer that as a counselor is is my duty to reach anyone who is in need of mental health services in the family. I serve both adults and children. I also strive to meet the need of both adults and children.
Today with so many individuals feeling hopeless or have very little ways to vent or to be able to find solutions to their problems. I am here to listen and to help you or your child process through your struggles. I also meet you where you are comfortable, at my office, at work or at home to make it easier for you to get the help you need.
After many years of working with different clients from different backgrounds. It is my philosophy that being opening to understanding each person’s individual needs is the only way to help. That can only be through true active listening.

Are you feeling like life is having its way with you? Do you want to take control and prioritize what’s important in your life?
Using solution-focused therapy, I will ask the questions that will help you take command of your desires and focus on the things you do have control over.
You are not in this alone; and sometimes we all need a person we can trust. Allow me to be that person for you. After each session, my goal is for you to leave feeling inspired and empowered to being your best self. Together, we can make it happen.

Our goal at Serenity Family Services is to partner with you as you embark on life’s journey to improve your overall well being. Families, careers, relationships and life in general can be challenging. We want to work with you to help strengthen you and your family by providing you with tools to help enhance you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that you can obtain a well-balanced life and obtain the PEACE that you have been looking for.
We focus on mood disorders, self-esteem, grief & loss, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, domestic violence, parenting, communication problems, career choices, conflict resolution, ADD/ADHD, and those wanting to improve their lives and relationships. Because we focus on helping you and your family we see children, teens, adults, couples and families.
Our focus is on helping you obtain overall health and well-being in your entire life as we utilize Solution Focus therapy, Cognitive Behavior therapy and other eclectic approaches to assist you in bringing balance back to your life and the lives of your entire family.

We all face struggles with achieving our goals, understanding, and overcoming life experiences, or resolving conflicts with others. It can be extremely helpful to have a compassionate, unbiased, and supportive person to talk to when these issues arise. We are a minority owned behavior health clinic that utilizes several treatment modalities to assist people cope with issues they may be facing such as anxiety, depression, stress, or trauma. Because we know that you cannot always see how much pain a person has by looking at them, we are committed to assisting people find their peace.
We specialize in helping clients sort through their shame, grief, anxiety, depression and feelings of being overwhelmed. We work with multiple ages and ethnic backgrounds. We aim to provide quality therapy at convenient times.

I believe in helping people and bringing awareness to people who struggle with mental health challenges. I hope to motivate and inspire clients to envision more out of their life than the circumstances they were dealt. From working with clients in foster care and low socioeconomics status, to probation of clients who feel that their past has already determine their future. I would love to be that voice in helping you see that you can be successful. I would also like to empowered parents working with their kids by educating them on challenges and providing resources to hopefully help.
I am a straight forward and sincere person, who love to see people succeed in anything in life they pursue. My background is CBT, DBT, and MI. I have been in this career field for 10 years, experienced working in the TANF programs to kids in the foster to resident treatment facilities. Prior to my counseling career I have served 21 years in the military.
I have lived in Alaska for 14 years. I am here for support and education about Mental Health. One of my favorite saying is, ” I would like to make Mental Health cool”. I specialized in working with At-Risk youth and adults who have experienced traumatic events or working through challenging issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, and anger.

We are committed to providing comprehensive treatment to clients in a manner that considers, not only the troubling behavior or concern, but rather, explores the pathway that clients traveled long before they arrived at their present destination. You may have experienced negative behaviors or responses and felt as though you lacked control over what occurred. You may have approached each day with good intentions only to find yourself repeating a pattern of behavior, without understanding why you can’t seem to get it right. Each day, you wake up seeking a new reality and positive outcomes, but the cycle continues. Call us today!
We offer a trauma informed approach to treatment, looking beyond flashing emotions and adverse behaviors. We specialize in treating those who suffer from depression, anger, anxiety and more. Our specialties are working with adolescents/young adults with adverse behaviors and managing anger, as well as families who are struggling to adjust, or get along.
You’ve been trying to figure out why you do the things you do, or why you keep seeing the same outcomes time and time again. You blame yourself for everything and have reached a point to where you’ve accepted life as it is and can’t see a way out. We are here to restore hope, explore truths, and work with you to create change. Be encouraged!

Open Heart Counseling Services, Inc is an company that is Christian based. We implement Psychology techniques with Spiritual biblical principles to get whole results. Open Heart Counseling Services also specialize in Marriage and Family and Foster Care. We are here to help you overcome any obstacle or obstacles that may be hindering your growth or happiness in your life. If you are looking for complete wholeness call us and let us help you.
Open Heart Counseling Services, Inc. can help you with knowing you are loved and that your life matters. Your problem or issue is never to big for us because we believe with the word of God how can you not win.
Past trauma, Hurts, Confused, Abuse and etc. We at Open Heart Counseling Services have open hearts to be able to help you overcome and be free.

Truth Therapy is committed to helping you experience the change you desire to become the healthiest version of yourself possible. Whether you are an individual, a couple, or a family, I would be honored to partner with you on your journey to wholeness. Don’t wait until the walls are falling down before you start your journey with therapy, you can go when the paint is chipping, or when you desire a different color on your wall!