I am a license clinical social worker that has a wide range of experience in working with families, adolescence and adults. I also have experience in using many evidence based treatment modalities, that have had successful outcomes with various mood and personality disorders. I am culturally competent and able to meet and accept my clients with a positive regards with an in-dept understanding that there are causes (stimuli) and effects to all adverse symptoms and behaviors that can alter the well-being of an individual. Worked in Reunification and Adoption services in Child Welfare, worked intensively with adolescence and adult in Private Practice treating Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Family and Individual.This provider worked in institutions and hospital settings such as Department of Corrections and Kaiser Permanente providing individual and group psychotherapy. Again I have experience in the field of behavioral health counseling. I have used an integrative approach to treating my client with their culture, faith and with a system of evidence based treatment modalities as well as including my clients to assist in providing input in the process..

Are you feeling lost? Have you been experiencing issues with relationships or infidelity? Are you, or your family members, recently divorced and adjusting to the transition? I can help. Life can get complicated, and when it does it can be hard to know how to cope or move forward. I am here to detangle those complications.
I counsel couples, families, and individuals of all ages, using a variety of therapeutic models that focus on identifying problematic patterns and possible areas for resolution. I also offer group therapy sessions on topics of Life After Divorce, Teen Girls, Couples, Racial Identity, Parenting Classes, “Adulting”, Women’s Empowerment, and several others.
It is my sincere hope to assist you in tapping deeper into your inner strength and feeling empowered to live your truest version of yourself, no matter what life throws at you. Our past is a part of our life story, but it does not have to define our purpose moving forward. I am here to aid in your growth towards the life you want to lead.

Life is challenging – there are so many issues/events which could cause a form of emotional disturbances – once this happens, I would like to be there to assist you regain emotional wellness and re-find your since of self and balance. Call me for an appointment so we can begin the healing process.
I have over 20 years of experience working with the mental health population. The main objective is to empower clients; in doing so, process goal setting and development/maintaining emotional well-being.
My education and work experiences have afforded me to establish and maintain a collaborative therapeutic relationship with clients.

Percy Ford, MC, LPC-MHSP, NCC established Lighthouse Correctional Counseling and Mental Health Services in 2012 to provide Individual Psychotherapy, Family Counseling, Group Therapy and Couples Counseling to offenders and their families. Mr. Ford earned a BS in Social Work from Tuskegee University in 1997 and graduated from Argosy University School of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences in 2007 with a MA in Professional Counseling.
Mr. Ford is licensed by the State of Tennessee as a Professional Counselor and Mental Health Service Provider and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. He has over 20 years of experience in the Mental Health and Social Work fields.
He has also completed 24 hours of course study in criminal profiling through Forensic Solutions Inc. and is an approved treatment provider for sex offenders through the Tennessee Sex Offender Treatment Board.

Congratulations on surviving the worst days of your life, now let me help you process them and move forward. I feel that everyone no matter, age, race, or sexual orientation deserves quality services. My job is to empower you to process, heal, and move forward with living your best life. As a social worker, I have a holistic approach to engaging my clients and an understanding how psychosocial stressors affects the process of healing. As a trained therapist in evidenced based practices, I have the ability to provide array of treatment models that are most effective in promoting change and reaching your desired outcome.
I received my Masters in Social Work from the University of Tennessee of Knoxville. I have an extensive background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy . I specialize in individual and couples psychotherapy, as well as domestic violence, self-esteem and Trauma. I counsel couples, adults and college students.
If you are looking for an empathic therapist who can assist you in overcoming new or recurring obstacles in the areas of personal and family relationships, work or career achievement, or emotional distress accompanied by anxiety or depression, please contact me.

I’m here to listen, support, and empower. In our therapeutic relationship, each session is centered around the client and exploring their personal goals, it’s not about me. For this reason, it’s a no-judgment zone in our session, be you! Be vulnerable! Be raw, be honest, and let’s look at what healing and self-control mean for you. I have a passion and years of experience working with adults experiencing intimate partner/spousal/dating conflict, recovering from addiction, anxiety, depression, and impulse control.
I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Substance Use counseling, Trauma-Focused Therapy, and Domestic Partner Violence for individuals, teens, and families overcoming a recent incident. The skills we will explore are proven to be effective and I always make myself available for afterhour crisis support.
This is your journey, and I want the right fit for you as well. Send me a message, call or text, or book an online appointment and together we will explore your needs. At your pace. Note: Telehealth only.

Offering counseling services in order to “help heal the hurting”…kind, compassionate yet honest! We “speak the truth in love”, to assist the client with becoming healthier emotionally and spiritually.

Welcome! As a Licensed Professional Counselor working with Waybridge Counseling, my goal is to provide individuals and couples with a safe, welcoming environment through individual and partner therapy. I work with clients who are struggling with mental health issues, grief, trauma, depression and anxiety. My treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
I specialize in treating adults with sexual assault and intimate partner violence. My role is to help my clients feel comfortable as we work through various thoughts, emotions and process trauma.
It is important to me to help you change the dynamic view of therapy and help you to develop your strengths. I want to help by giving you a larger role in in your own therapeutic process, and be able to take charge of your own journey and growth.

In a field with very few recognized experts, Dr. Lee is an acknowledged professional in the assessment and treatment of persons with addictive sexual disorders and domestic violence.Clients come to us for professional and compassionate guidance in creating the most appropriate treatment plan for their success.
moMENtum provides primary treatment (education/counseling services) for male individuals who have admitted to committing acts of domestic violence or have been convicted of criminal offenses against a current or former adult family member or intimate partner.
Our Sex Addiction Recovery Program( S.A.R.P.) creates treatment plans addressing all the relevant needs and personal goals.We believe that sex addiction must be addressed within the context of the individual’s total spiritual, emotional, psychological and physiological well being.

******Currently No Evening Appointment Availability****** Seeking professional counseling is an important decision and one that can be difficult to make. Once you have made this all important decision, I am here to help guide you through this journey. It does not have to be a difficult one and you do not have to do it alone. I will provide gentle guidance and support to assist you with your individual needs. Making the phone call is the first step.
I have a unique gift and passion for working with children, adolescents, adults, and their families. I use a variety of tools including, play therapy techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and EMDR to foster meaningful and lasting results. I am also an approved supervisor for LPC candidates.
Additionally, I can provide Christian based counseling upon request. The name of my practice is Reflections Counseling. It is based off of Proverbs 27:19 ” As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart”. Allow me to help you see your true self and begin the healing process.