I believe all people have a deep desire to be heard and understood. Creating safe spaces to explore the issues of life is what I am passionate about. I enjoy working with couples, families, and individuals. My goal is to be a partner with you on your journey toward healing your relationships. As a marriage and family therapist, I offer a compassionate insightful perspective as a tool for growth. I have experience working with people who struggle with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, parenting issues, and life transition stressors. I enjoy working with diverse populations, and in navigating a new path toward healing. I am a certified Prepare Enrich facilitator, an assessment tool that is designed to highlight strengths and areas of growth for couples in their relationship. My training and approach cause me to have a “Big Picture” perspective in therapy. Including Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulness and Emotionally Focused Theory. You and I will decide together what is the best plan to increase your relational connection, prioritizing your life, and loving yourself and others with compassion and grace. If this appeals to you…I am here waiting. Act now to set up a free 15 minute consultation call. Let this be the first step in your healing journey.

I am a firm believer that as a counselor is is my duty to reach anyone who is in need of mental health services in the family. I serve both adults and children. I also strive to meet the need of both adults and children.
Today with so many individuals feeling hopeless or have very little ways to vent or to be able to find solutions to their problems. I am here to listen and to help you or your child process through your struggles. I also meet you where you are comfortable, at my office, at work or at home to make it easier for you to get the help you need.
After many years of working with different clients from different backgrounds. It is my philosophy that being opening to understanding each person’s individual needs is the only way to help. That can only be through true active listening.

Relationships can be a challenge. There are times when we ALL need a little assistance with getting our lives balanced. I am here to assist you and your loved ones get back on track. Working with families, couples and children have been my passion for over a decade. In particular, America’s finest, our military population. I enjoy serving those who have served us all so bravely.
Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as other therapeutic models like Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative and Solution Focused therapy have all been extremely effective with my clients.
As a veteran and a military wife, I understand what military family life can entail. We are a special population that often requires a different understanding as to what constitutes “normal” family life.

Do you feel burdened by feelings of insecurity, guilt, low self esteem, unforgiveness, emotional bondage, doubt, depression, or anxiety? Do negative thoughts often come to the forefront without fail? Have these feelings or thoughts become the centerpiece of your life, the lead character on stage running the show? Does this prevent you from communicating effectively in your relationships, excelling in school or your career, and being the best version of you that you can be? If you answered yes to any of the above, email or give Erica Felisa Thompson at Beneath The Surface Therapy Solutions a call today!
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I use a person in environment perspective as well as assist clients in understanding the different systems/ factors that influence their mental health. My preferred treatment modalities are CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, and Reality Therapy as well as therapy that is Trauma Focused. All therapy is currently virtual.
I am an Air Force Veteran with over 15 years of experience in mental health. I served as a mental health tech both in the military and as a government contractor which lead me to obtaining a Masters Degree in Social Work. I’ve been a professional Social Worker since 2016 and totally love what I do. I look forward to working with you!

I assist individuals in finding healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships with one another to discover the strength they possess. I use a multicultural/sociocultural lens while practicing Solution Focused therapy when discussing issues with clients dealing with a range of difficulties. However, he understands that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so he eagerly trains in various modalities to include traditional counseling and systems theories to postmodern theories. I am a proponent of healthy living, which is evident in the holistic approach I use in the sessions.
Hi, my name is Brandon Hertzog, I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, and conduct groups in the following areas Teen Issues; Peer Pressure, Self Esteem, Parent/Child or Partner Relational Problems, Dating Violence/Abuse, Non-Suicidal Self-Harm Behavior, Anxiety Disorders, Anger and Stress Management, Marriage/Family Therapy, Career.
Life is filled with ebbs and flows, and when we have hope, we are inspired to change and pursue our ideal nature of being, in spite of the ever-changing world around us. I look forward to taking that journey with you as we collaborate on specific, attainable goals, that will positively impact your present and future.

Dr. Kenneth Brown has been counseling for more than 30 years on both the East Coast of the USA and Texas. Brown specializes in the following areas with fees prorated according to income (discounts for active duty, veterans/first responders/community leaders and professionals): ESTIMATE FOR SERVICE: Pro-rated based on your income and needs. Averages have been in between $50-$150 per session.
1.)Face to Face and/or Video Phone Sessions 2.)Family Counseling/Co-Dependency 3.) New and/or Divorce Couples 4.) Pre/Post Marriage Counseling; Weddings Officiant/Post Counseling 5.) College Prep and Scholarship Acquisitions ($5 mil ttl to date) 6.) Young Men Counseling & Mentoring (w/ a special emphasis on minorities) 7.) KIPP First Fratt Afterschool Progr
Everyone deserves to be heard. Broken bones can be spotted by the passerby, however when a person has emotional, ongoing struggles, a helpful ear and professional guidance is what is needed. I would love to be able to assist anyone in need.

Counseling is a tool one uses to identify personal shortcomings as well as gaining insight into one’s own self-exploration. My approach to counseling begins with establishing a working collaboration with the client. As a therapist, I believe it is my responsibility to demonstrate to each client that they are in a safe, trusting, environment, and to help them understand why they are having difficulties.
Counseling encompasses adhering to ethics established in the profession and not interjecting my personal beliefs and values into the therapeutic process. Most importantly, letting clients know and feel they are the most important aspect of any process is a must.
Each client is unique and will present different challenges. Using different counseling modalities, adapted to the uniqueness of each client, will help get to the core issues. My goal is to empower clients, providing them with confidence that they can overcome any challenge in the future.

*****Not Accepting New Clients Currently*****My focus is to serve youth and adults through life transitions. I additionally, love working with couples in any stage of their relationship (premarital, committed, or married). I employ a multi-generational approach and strongly believe that the family you were born into effects the person you are today. I also recognize that culture and heritage play into how you create meaning, which is why I take every opportunity to honor this part of individuals, as it is an important part of my identity.
It is a passion of mine to bridge any gaps between the spiritual self and the mental/emotional self. I will support you in recognizing the strength of your spirituality and the potential barriers of your religiosity, understanding that both can coincide without destroying your faith.
I offer a free 30 minute non clinical consultation so that we can determine if it will be a good fit. Please call and see if I can help support you on your journey.

We all have lived experiences, life choices, and developmental stages which have shaped our story. Seeking therapy, or counseling, can carry a negative stigma in some families and communities. We work to change this perspective, especially concerning issues with youth, families, and racially-diverse communities. We work from a holistic perspective that includes attention to your physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and relational well-being. Our Therapists have a rich blend of experiences including: residential treatment, child welfare, adoption/foster care, parenting ed, school social work, international orphanage, family care.
We are racially and culturally-sensitive providers. We exhibit a down to earth approach and utilize talk therapy and various activities as part of sessions to keep clients engaged and working on the change process. See the ABOUT page on our website for the specifics about each therapist.
We celebrate you for taking a first step in life change. It is our goal that you will feel welcome and safe to share. This will help you get the most out of the time with your chosen therapist. We are excited to meet you, hopeful about the work we will do together, and we look forward to your contact.

Have you and your partner struggled to recently connect? Do you want to take steps to improve the connection in your relationship? Has your relationship been damaged from an extramarital relationship? Has your child had difficulty adjusting to social changes? Are you seeking a greater understanding of yourself and how you perceive the world? Are you searching for ways to empower your voice in a safe and understanding environment? Do you want to expand your social connections and build lasting friendships?
I work with families and couples to build meaningful communication, create a safespace to heal emotional scars or trauma, and gain a better understanding of the family structure. I work with individuals to gain self understanding and empowerment, reduce social anxiety, and gain acceptance of who they are as a whole.
I believe in honoring your story. You deserve to have meaningful relationships, and a safespace to improve self understanding. I understand that the therapeutic “fit” is important. So feel free to reach out to see if we’d be a good fit for working towards your goals together. Thank you very much.