From the outside, you seem to have it all together. You work really hard on the details, after all, you are responsible for everyone and everything. But you can’t shake the voice inside your head which screams you’re failing. Even though you put everyone’s needs in front of your own, you feel like you’re falling short as a mom. You can’t even remember what your hobbies are, let alone what really makes you happy. You’ve had enough, you don’t think you can keep holding it together.
Imagine being able to focus on yourself without sacrificing the needs of your family. No longer feeling guilty, anxious, alone, or pretending that you’re alright. What if you could turn off the worry, gain confidence and finally start enjoying your life? Together we can move past imagining and take action toward reclaiming the life you’ve worked so hard on.
With the ability to see clients online and 24/7 self-scheduling, I make it easy to fit therapy into your busy “moming” lifestyle. Head over to my website www.TheSpacetoHeal.com and schedule your appointment today.

Xavier University of Louisiana Master's degree Counseling
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