Do you appear to have it all together but inside feel stressed, sad, or empty? Are you struggling to advance your goals or feel overwhelmed by the demands of the modern world? Do you yearn for love or close friendships but struggle with loneliness or painful relationships? If so, I’d love to talk with you. I am Dr. Akilah a licensed psychologist in California that specializes in helping busy professionals manage personal and professional success by focusing on mental wellness. As a professional woman myself, I know the importance of having a culturally congruent space for healing, which is why I joined the Black Girl Doctor.
Mental health is paramount to life success. As such, I enjoy working with wellness minded professionals who invest in their future by putting their own self-care first. My specialties include using evidence-based practices (e.g., CBT) to address anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, work-life balance, and the mental health effects of “strength.”
In therapy sessions, I encourage professional excellence and also center your humanity by creating a safe and brave space to care for your mental wellness through self exploration, vulnerability, and healthy choices. From this place— growth, peace, and prosperity flow. I am excited to partner with you as you commit to taking care of the whole self.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Counseling Psychology/University of Houston
Been in Practice Since