**ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!** My clients often struggle with feeling sad and worried every day. They are concerned about making the “wrong” decisions, which gets in the way of actually making a decision when needed. They have so much potential, but feel that they are failing at home, work, school or their social lives. They talk themselves out of meaningful experiences, and often feel alone – not connected. Talking about their feelings is hard because their thoughts tend to be jumbled in a knot. Their bodies feel tired and overwhelmed from stress. They feel emotional, unmotivated and stuck… Does this sound like your reality?
Reality can be tough, but it does not have to stay that way! My clients appreciate having a listening ear and support from someone who has lived that reality. I offer them research-based strategies and life experience to help overcome their obstacles. My clients learn new ways to calm their minds and bodies, while focusing on new ways to feel in control.
Everyone deserves that – including YOU! Now is your time to try something different. Confidence and calm are not our of your reach. It’s possible to feel hope again. You don’t have to struggle. I can help you.

Master of Science (MS), Mental Health Counselling/The John Hopkins University
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