Life is a marathon and I believe that it is all about endurance. Sometimes we have to get a little help along the way whether it be a change of shoes, re-uptake of protein or a water break. There is this idea that we are weak when we seek others to help us out, but I also know that in life we cannot always persevere without a helping hand. I look forward to being an option of that new running shoe or Gatorade as we stride through the finish line together.
I enjoy working alongside children and families but have a special place for teenagers and adult clients. As a clinician, I am well-versed in addressing parenting issues, severe psychosis, anxiety, trauma, gender identity, substance use, and stress management.
Here at Building Endurance, we believe in genuineness and authenticity– leading with the mantra that we hope for the clients to work us out of a job. Each person will be attended to based on their own situation and circumstances, meeting the client exactly where they are in life.

Master of Social Work (MSW)/Howard University
Been in Practice Since