You may be a highly educated and successful person who struggles with perfectionism, work-life balance or impostor syndrome (doubting your accomplishments; fearing being seen as a fraud). You may be a person of color, a child of immigrants or someone who is geographically separated from your family and other support systems. I have had significant experience helping individuals like yourself, experiencing both personal and work-related stress. I work to understand your story, and together we develop a plan to address the goals that you have for improving your quality of life.
My philosophy is based on the premise that all people possess an inner strength, and that therapy helps by accessing this natural resource. I believe that it is a sign of courage to seek counseling and have seen the curative benefits in my clients. My areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and loss, life transitions, and identity.
My approach is highly interactive, as I listen actively and pose questions that guide you to expand your way of thinking. I help my clients identify and consider multiple responses to any given situation, allowing them to feel an increased sense of control over their lives. Please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

Master of Social Work/New York University
Been in Practice Since