Seeking therapy can be an uncomfortable experience that takes a lot of courage. Making an initial appointment is the first step of the process of healing and becoming the best version of ourselves. Therapy allows self-reflection, support, and insight. Although the process is not linear and there may be some painful and halting moments, it is a chance to figure out what is and isn’t doing you justice. I view my clients holistically and work collaboratively with them to have a better understanding of how they live their lives and how to achieve better functioning and life satisfaction.
I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings with various clinical needs. I greatly enjoy working with multicultural issues, depression, anxiety, behavioral challenges, interpersonal problems, low self-esteem, trauma, emotion-regulation, social challenges, identity development, and adjustment challenges.
I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies and Cultural Relational Theory in my work with clients. My goal in therapy is to provide a compassionate environment that allows clients to be the expert of their lives and find their place within their environments, identities, and their pursuits of wellness.

Master's of Arts and Sciences Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology/Roosevelt University
Been in Practice Since