Navigating through our life journey has its challenges but, I truly believe on the other side of depression, tough life transitions, anxiety, emotional instability, or heartbreak, there will be always be limitless opportunities for growth, and personal insight. Some of my clinical specialties include working with individuals who struggle with mental health barriers and risk factors such as: anxiety, depression, unresolved grief, gender and sexual minorities, highly sensitive women, low self esteem/worth, perfectionism, stressful transitions, romantic relational issues, family disconnect and attachment or abandonment issues.
I am a Black & Latinx LMFT with a passion and purpose to aid WOC in their journey of gaining self love, authenticity, and healing from intergenerational trauma such as: Mother-daughter conflict, grief/loss issues, suppressed anger, poor money mindset, complex PTSD, toxic shame/guilt, narcissistic abuse, perfectionism, co-dependency and victims of abuse.
I provide a down to earth, intuitive, and compassionate, approach to therapy while also supporting and challenging my clients to pursue the lives they desire and deserve by reclaiming hope, identifying their strengths, and reconnecting with the powerful, unique and purposeful individuals which they have always been.

University of San Francisco
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