We work to create new awareness, new knowledge and new possibilities. You can have an empowered family and a happy state of mind through therapy. I work with individuals and families to build harmony and health in their relationships. I specialize in sex therapy and am an effective life coach. I approach each person and family with attention to mental and physical health, with consideration to relational, social and spiritual influences.
New emotional experiences can heal wounds and reduce or eliminate emotional pain and distress. Therapy can be used to increase your ability to access resilience and resources to overcome obstacles. Goals for improving connections and new possibilities can be developed collaboratively.
Art and play therapy tools are available in sessions to help connect inner thoughts, patterns, and insight. I welcome people of all ethnicities, religions, races, sexual orientations, and cultures. I work with adults, children, individuals, couples, and families.

Master`s Degree, Marriage, Family Therapy/Lewis and Clark University
Been in Practice Since