It can be challenging to admit when something is so seriously amiss that professional help is needed. While drawing that conclusion is uncomfortable for many, it does not have to be. Finding the right therapist can mean all the difference in settling the uneasiness. Finding a therapist with whom you can both connect and be understood can make opening up about your innermost thoughts that much easier. Reach out and let us walk with you at every step in the process– from the initial consultation through the course of therapy.
I have masterfully joined professionalism with a compassionate air to create Life Choices Professional Group. The aim is to help individuals take an inquisitive approach to the thoughts and feelings that arise so that emotions stop paralyzing you but inform judgment and create purposeful movement.
I share the sentiments of Alex Myles by offering, “You are not broken. You are breaking through.” Choose to break through to the fulfilled life that you imagine for yourself.

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