[Currently NOT accepting new clients] My ideal client wants to be the best version of themselves! Being someone that has battled my own physical and mental health problems, I assist my clients in overcoming fear of their life decisions and finding the courage to move forward with life after life concerns occur. I assist my clients on grasping a humanistic existential view on life and showing them how to incorporate all that life throws in the reasons why we are how we are! My client is anyone recognizing that they want something different in their lives and wants to make an effort to do something about it.
Clients often seek my services for assistance in managing their chronic illnesses and creating coping skills to aid those illnesses. Outside of that, my years of experience in community mental health and working directly with women has since allowed my familiarity with dual diagnosis grow.
There is so much happening in the world today and everyday. It is completely normal to want to have a mental check-in and therapy is the first step. Seeking and committing to this therapeutic journey with me is the first step to making that change that you want to see.

Michigan School of Psychology
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