actualities limited was incorporated February 1, 2002, to encourage individuals seeking counseling to be real with themselves about their strengths, limitations, desires, and fears. No games. No masks. No facades. No excuses. If you are ready to tackle the challenges that are blocking your progress – – actualities limited is right for you, and today is the perfect day for you to contact us. We can help you meet your personal, professional, athletic, and spiritual goals. We’re waiting to hear from you . . . . #norolloverminutesinlife #mentalwellness https://actualitiesltd.clientssecure.me
Specialties: depression, workplace conflict, grief/loss, marital discord, stress, anxiety, the transition from sport (current/former athletes), drug/alcohol/gambling addictions. Ms. Daniels is president of the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports (aswis.org). She is licensed in NC and FL and has a Sports Counseling certificate from CALU in Pennsylvania.
We blend spirituality with counseling. We help our clients in NC and FL accurately interpret and apply the Scriptures in healthier ways. We also counsel collegiate student-athletes and consult with collegiate athletic staff. We provide clinical supervision for persons pursuing a license/certification in social work, counseling, and substance abuse.

Master of social work (MSW)/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Been in Practice Since