I am a therapist with an employment history in the active-duty military, corrections, and public health. I provided values focused, self-enriching, strength-based therapy to clients with relationship issues, parenting issues, trauma history, anxiety, and depression. In therapy, I will teach you about what is happening in your brain, develop skills to manage the mind you have, and techniques to stay on the course of healthy living. I use a model of therapy called acceptance and commitment therapy alongside principles of cognitive therapy, behavior focused therapy, and motivational interviewing. Through a collaborative process, we can
Therapy with me will be focused on human development and evaluation. With this knowledge I will help better support your individual growth enrich your understanding of your mind and your behaviors. I will give you practical realistic and informed measures to you create the life you only dream about living
Don’t continue to struggle with your uncheck depression, anxiety, fear, and exhaustion. Make an appointment today and start your journey toward mental health and vitality.

Master`s Degree, Marriage and family therapy/Northcentral University
Been in Practice Since