Greetings everyone. Teletherapy offers an exceptional opportunity for a therapist or life coach and client to facilitate an environment that encourages understanding, clarity, and growth. In this environment, the client and therapist identity areas for work, as well as create a path that leads to understanding and empowerment. What is teletherapy? Teletherapy involves the use of real-time interactive video conferencing between a therapist and client(s) to communicate and provide care remotely with the requirement of being in the same location.
I specialize in individual & relationships & have coached and counseled aged & disabled Texans who have found themselves in life-threatening situations of abuse, neglect, exploitation, self-neglect, marital conflict and crisis intervention. I have three years of experience mentoring juvenile probationers who were recently released back into their community.
I also specialize in meeting people at their individualized emotional comfort level making the counseling and coaching process to progress as conducive as possible.

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies/University of St. Thomas & HGST
Been in Practice Since