Hello, I’m April-Autumn! My work with girls and women focuses on establishing a solid foundation of self and the she community actualizing a healthy, balanced lifestyle from the female perspective. My work with men focuses on creating a supportive space to discuss the rigors of manhood in today’s society while creating solutions in navigating the psychological stressors of discrimination, social and economic challenges, and racial injustices. My work is grounded in establishing men and women mentally, emotionally, spiritually and communally to increase healthy relationships, family wellness and sustainable communities.
I work with teens, women and men who are seeking support in self discovery, partnerships/marriage, break-up and divorce recovery, chronic pain management, PTSD, depression, anxiety, work-life balance, relationship building skills, self-esteem improvement and radical self love. I have SOME evenings and weekends availability.
Consider a FREE consultation TODAY if YOU: Are experiencing depression or anxiety; Are experiencing a lack of confidence/esteem; Are experiencing a major life change; Have difficulty coping w/the “new normal”; Consistently get negative feedback at school or work; Feel disconnected & relationships are strained; Desire a change in your life. Call or email me

Masters, Social Work/ North Carolina State University
Been in Practice Since