Unaddressed trauma, anxious thoughts, chronic pain and depression make it difficult to be the best version of ourselves. You have goals and a purpose to fulfill, but feelings of unworthiness or guilt may make the path forward unclear. Unhealthy relationships keep you living in survival mode and when what you really want is to get unstuck, have peace, and make positive contributions to society. Life presents us many challenges and things we cannot control. I believe there is always hope and always opportunities for growth and healing.
Are you ready to shed the suffering and feel better? I can help you get unstuck and show up for your life in a new way. Therapy sessions are held virtually using Psychology Today’s telehealth platform. I am licensed in FL and NJ and see clients residing in both states.
Making the decision to participate in therapy is an invaluable gift and a sign of strength. Clients appreciate my warmth, compassion, and solution focused approached. When you are ready to be seen and take the next step on your healing journey, I will work with you to improve your quality of life and help you reach your goals.

Boston University School of Medicine, Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine
Been in Practice Since