Hi! Are you here because you’re freaked out by the pandemic? Or you’re overwhelmed, anxious, sad, scared, traumatized? Maybe you’ve never been to therapy before. Maybe there’s something you’ve been meaning to talk to someone about but never got around to it. Regardless off what brings you here, my guess is you’re looking for someone to tell your story to and you’re looking to feel better. I am here to listen, not judge, and help you clarify where you’re at and where you want to be. I can offer skills and coaching that you can use ASAP to cope better and feel more in control and centered.
I’m a cis-gender African-American woman that’s been working as a clinical social worker in San Francisco for almost a decade, which means I’m not scared or surprised by much. I specialize in teaching skills that help people cope with intense feelings and thoughts so they feel more confident tackling bigger issues.
Things can get better. Take the first step and call or email to setup a consultation today. Check out my website if you want more details about me.

Master of Social Work (MSW), Mental Health Counselling/University of South California
Been in Practice Since