Are you experiencing anxiety, stress or uncertainty in your relationship and unsure how to fix it? It can feel unsettling, frustrating, and scary when there’s a disconnection between you and your partner. Most times that disconnection shows up in really important areas such as trust, intimacy, commitment, respect communication, empathy, and understanding. These areas are essentially the building blocks for a solid relationship and ultimately what makes you feel most secure and loved. Knowing this is one thing, but figuring out to create or strengthen that security looks different for every couple.
I like to start by exploring relationship areas in which disconnection occurs to gain perspective on what each partner needs to feel more secure and satisfied. In individual sessions I’ll dive a little deeper to learn all about the things that make you “you”, such as family & relationship history, life experiences and other factors impacting how you show up.
If this resonates with you, contact me now for a free consultation! I know as a therapist and from personal experiences just how much relationship stressors can make you feel worried, uncertain, or insecure. Let me help you and your partner uncover the root of the disconnection so that you can begin to repair, rebuild and strengthen your relationship.

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