I offer my clients understanding, support and empowerment. I have collaborated with clients to help them improve their relationships, their mood management, their coping skills, and their decision making. I have been a resource to many couples and families in moving their relationships forward, with the help of my specialized training as a Certified Couples and Family Therapist. Also, my expertise with brief Evidence-Based Practice, Problem Solving Treatment, has allowed me to teach clients effective decision making skills. My clients have been pleased with gaining the tools to produce well thought-out solutions, complete with formulating action plans.
My appreciation for human complexity and sensitivity to diverse human experiences allows me to invite and support individual, couples and families around topics of culture, values and beliefs, sexuality, spirituality, racial and other forms of oppression, chronic illness, traumatic experiences, gender identity and expression, parenting, sibling conflict, infidelity, and more.
I want to help people integrate emotional healthcare into their overall self care. Some cultures/families/communities consider therapy as a last resort. I want to help dispell this myth. Warm, non judgemental support can bring a wealth of relief to individuals/couples/families at any juncture.

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