Looking for answers? Are you battling day to day struggles that keep you down & depressed?Are you ready to focus on getting your life on track & move forward. What has to happen to make these troubling thoughts & events disappear so I can be happy? Does it seem like every time you try to take one step forward something happens that pushes you three steps back? Are you ready to release memories of the past & let go of pain? It’s time!
You can be happy. You can experience the daily joys of life. You can to be heard, accepted, and valued. Your life does have meaning and purpose. You are loved. Through our work together, you can affirm all of these truths.
By integrating traditional talk therapy with Brainspotting I work to help your body release pain & patterns that have limited your ability to make continued forward progress. This approach allows you greater access to complete healing and overall success. Call or email today to schedule your free phone consultation.

Mental Health Counselling/Webster University
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