My ideal client is seeking to improve her/his health and well-being through lifestyle behaviors. This person struggles with maintaining physical exercise, a nutritious diet, a healthy weight, and/or is managing multiple physical symptoms due to chronic disease. She/he wants to feel strong and energized, and this person also wants to change behaviors that negatively impact her/his health and well-being. My ideal client wants better health and long-term behavior change so she/he can be more independent and active, and she/he would also like to model healthy behaviors for her/his family.
I believe that all people are capable of reaching their goals. As a Lifestyle Medicine health and wellness coach, my job is to work with individuals one-on-one to 1) identify their health and wellness goals, and 2) co-create a plan to reach those goals. I offer 8-16 session health coaching packages and can provide a 50% needs-based discount on services.
You can attain and maintain good health and well-being. I believe in you. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions: What would it feel like to take ownership of my well-being? If I could improve one thing about my health, what would it be? Who else in my life would my health improvements impact? Be in touch to explore and expand upon these questions.

Master of Science –MS, Health and Wellness Coach/Creighton University
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