I am best described as a passionate, deeply engaged storyteller. My therapeutic practice is influenced greatly by this aspect of who I am, giving me, above all, the opportunity to serve as an eager witness to the people with whom I sit. I specialize in sexual topics (including developing healthy romantic and/or sexual relationships, Kink, Poly, BDSM, out-of-control sex behavior, trauma, Aro/Ace spectrum); gender exploration and affirmation; substance use and addiction; culture shock and life transitions; Black and Hispanic Psychology; personality disorders; depression; anxiety; and LGBTQ2IA+/ Counseling.
Together, we will look to discover and appreciate your own “inner dialogue” and “parts,” as well as important narratives (the stories you tell yourself about yourself) in your life. From there, I will encourage you to evaluate, challenge, adapt and/or completely overhaul any aspects of these thoughts and stories that do not serve you and your core values.
For me, the term “mental health” does not refer to the absence of stress, challenges, and difficult feelings or experiences, rather the cultivated ability to manage what life throws at you, and keep on functioning to live your best life possible. Let’s bring out your resilience and strengths! Thank you for considering making me a part of your story.

Bastyr University
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