My Clients: I regularly work with clients on common issues such as: major life transitions, depression, anxiety, struggles with work-life balance, racial identity, family of origin issues, grief, trauma, and addiction recovery. I am passionate about working with: People of color, Students, people who identify as possessing multiple minority identities, LGBTQIA+, relationship problems, bicultural stress, cultural adjustment, sexual trauma, and issues related to sexual identity and gender. I am also comfortable working with non-heteronormative relationship lifestyles; particularly navigating issues related to open/poly relationships.
I have particular expertise working with: Couples and non-heteronormative relationships. Families, partners, and support persons impacted by substance abuse, Co-occurring Disorders, parenting, substance abuse and/or disordered eating during pregnancy, and parents of individuals identified to be on the Autism spectrum or that have sensory sensitivity.
I work primarily using an interpersonal approach grounded in attachment theory. However, I often take a Technically Eclectic approach to therapy, while ensuring transparency in my reasoning, and elaborating on where my interventions come from. In this way, the therapy process is not mysterious.

Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling and Addiction Studies from Grand Canyon University
Been in Practice Since