Seeking a coach or therapist begins with a first step. As a Trauma Therapist and Stress Management Coach, my interests are to assist people as they work through their life’s hard areas to reach a place that allows personal serenity and balance. I believe when people seek coaching or therapy services, they want a listener who hears with the heart, provides some feedback and support through difficulties. The answers are within; it’s my job to encourage you to explore those places that cause you to turn away from your joy. My practice is inclusive with respect to ethnic identity, physical ability, or gender identity
Specialties include stress, trauma, depressive disorders, addiction concerns, and various relationship issues, including family and parental. Skilled trainer and practitioner for over 25 years, am able to reflect and mirror back to most people with a quiet grace. To encourage a safe journey from the shame based past, we are focused on the here and now.
Special factors that are unique is my gift in working with women in general and women of color in particular, regardless of mature age.

Master of Social Work. MSW/ San Francisco University
Been in Practice Since