There is a journey we take, and it is important that along the way we embrace its uniqueness. Bridgitte facilitates an environment that is conducive for you to grow into the steps that you take on this journey. With each client, Bridgitte collaboratively creates an individualized approach to fulfil the needs of her clients, with their safety, wellbeing, and dignity in mind. With three and a half years of experience in community mental health services, and inpatient and outpatient clinical knowledge, Bridgitte operates well in crisis management and creating a safe space for mindfulness and stress reduction.
Transparency is very important for Bridgitte and for her clients and is foundational in building a strong therapeutic alliance. This approach, in addition to unconditional acceptance and support for her clients, the therapeutic journey is missioned to ease the worries and distress that we face along the way.
You never have to feel as though your are alone on this journey, that is what therapy is all about; having someone to share your experience with and affirm that you are worthy, special, strong and powerful beyond the limits of your past or your circumstances. Let me join you on this beautiful yet challenging journey!

Nova Southeastern University
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