Healing looks different for all of us. As we navigate different seasons, relationships, and themes in life, it can be helpful to have a space that is yours. You are the expert of your experience, and I believe in healing practices that emphasize collaboration and connection. I show up with a relational approach, ready to meet you where you are and how you want to support growth and exploration. I value social justice, supporting a good fit between therapist and client, and flexibility. My practice integrates the honoring of your cultural values, intersecting identities and meaningful relationships that inform who we are.
I am passionate about supporting African American communities and people of color, and I specialize in supporting Biracial and Multiethnic communities. I also work with college students, graduate students, and professionals navigating themes of identity development, relationship dynamics and stress.
While a lot of intense emotions can show up in therapy, our work can also include feelings of celebration, laughter and joy. It’s important to support healing through the trust of the therapist and client working relationship. I look forward to connecting with you and honoring your healing journey.

Master of Social Work and Mental Health/University of Connecticut School of Social Work
Been in Practice Since