The ability to meet people right where they are is such a powerful and sacred space. I embrace any opportunity to be allowed into that space during some of the most difficult times in life. It is my ultimate goal as a therapist to provide the support, guidance, and listening ear to help you navigate this sometimes, tumultuous journey called life. You are already equipped with every tool within you to overcome obstacles, I am here to help you discover those tools. With an inviting, safe, and confidential atmosphere I can help you learn and understand how to use those tools to enhance your life.
I am a Therapist at Symmetry Counseling, LLC under the supervision of an LCSW. In the past I have worked in multiple settings that addressed life transitions for adults, women, and children. My experience also includes counseling individuals with an extensive history of complex trauma, severe mental illness, depression, anxiety, and intellectual & developmental disabilities.
“If you were brave enough to live it, the least I can do is listen”. -Cynthia Bond Specialities: Treatment of trauma, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Emotional processing.

Master of Science in Social Work, Clinical Social Work/University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Been in Practice Since