I work alongside individuals, couples, and groups who are seeking to address experiences of grief, depression, anxiety, relational conflict, racial trauma, LGBTQIA+ issues, spiritual abuse, PTSD, and COVID related issues. Together we will explore the ways that therapy can assist you towards achieving your personal goals for wellbeing. Healing and transformation is a lifestyle and we all require assistance in cultivating a life that will help us navigate unavoidable difficulties. Isolation works against these efforts which is why seeking therapy is truly one of the best things you can offer yourself.
Our relationship with self, family, culture, past and present traumas, friends, co-workers, finances, nature, spirituality, and more all have an impact on wellbeing. I work from a relational and trauma-informed perspective because trauma disrupts and distorts relationships, and I believe healthy relationships are the contexts in which healing occurs.
I focus on establishing a safe and trustworthy therapeutic relationship as the primary means of engaging topics that can be difficult to address. Through our work together we will cultivate new ways for you to metabolize and work with difficulties to experience yourself and others in renewed generative ways.

Master's degreeyPsychologyGrade/The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
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