Our practice offers a warm retreat where your experience is honored and our expertise helps to integrate your experience into creating a life worth living. Through the principles of DBT, CBT, Spiritual Integration, and Mind-Body Connective work we believe emotional healing is possible. We understand that relationships form the context for reflection, learning and application and hope to connect you with a therapist who makes the connection work for you. With more than 20 years experience working with DBT and persons needing intensive integrative work recovering from past traumas, we offer opportunities for therapists to specialize in this work under close supervision. This allows us to offer sliding scales to our patients and to provide more options for matching with the therapist they need.
We have a special interest in treating women who may suffer from perinatal mood disturbance during some of the most rewarding yet difficult phases of life. We strive to provide up to date education on the best practices for treating this precious time around conception and delivery and hold carefully the balance between nurturing and caring for women with mental health concerns in this period.
We also believe that the body translates our life experience in many ways by carrying memories, patterns and insights. We have unique therapists who practice interventions that attend to the mind-body connection in a special and unique way that moves energy away from, into and through healthier spaces to create freedom of movement both physically and emotionally.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Clinical Psychology/University of South Florida
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