What if I told you that all you have, in this moment is all you need to achieve the healing and relief you are seeking? That you have within you blueprints of healing, wisdom, survival, joy, possibility, and potential because of who you are and where you’ve been? I hold a deeply dynamic view of the human condition. I practice primarily from a psychodynamic + narrative framework. I fundamentally believe in autonomy and freedom; our pasts, the richness embedded within the stories we tell, and am fascinated with unpacking the root systems of the beliefs, narratives, definitions we hold close.
My practice was created with delicate intention to center and cultivate inner healing and wellness in black and brown women and couples in NYC. I have walked alongside clients facing anxiety, chronic stress, complex trauma, inner child healing, depression, relationship concerns, and postpartum.
I’m going to be honest, I feel so blessed to show up in the therapy room for black and brown women day in and day out. Healing is possible!

Ph.D Developmental and Child Psychology/The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Been in Practice Since