Stressed, overwhelmed, and restless minds are welcome here. Have you found yourself beginning to detach from life and relationships; unable to trust those around you, forgive those who hurt you or be your authentic self? Maybe you’re tired of people telling you that you’re “over analyzing things” or “being too hard on yourself”, too sensitive or (gasp!) too spiritual! Meanwhile, you’re constantly feeling unworthy inside: like a fraud, a failure, and falling short of the love, career, friends, and abundant life you desire. You’ve probably googled, “am I depressed” or “how not to be anxious”. Traumatic encounters, issues in our family of origin, spiritual confusion and insecurity can leave you in an emotional tailspin.
Being analytical and sensitive doesn’t have to be a burden or a curse. I’m Candace and I help people discover their confidence, develop compassion, find healing from difficult childhoods or traumatic events, clarity in their identity and purpose, and healthy connections in their romantic and social lives.
Whether you’re a bubbly, jet-setting extrovert or a reflective, slow-to-trust introvert, in your heart you probably long to feel valued, understood, and cherished by others. Let’s help you find it with new awareness, confidence, coping, and communication skills. Email me today!

Master of Arts (M.A.) Mental Health Counseling/Ashland University
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