We all experience challenges in life, but sometimes emotions can get the best of us. Dealing with intense emotions of anger, fear, shame, and guilt can make life unbearable. As an intensively-trained Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Provider, I am dedicated to teaching behavioral skills in regulating emotions, tolerating distress, and improving interpersonal effectiveness. Clients can expect an initial comprehensive assessment, safety planning, and an individualized plan of care. Willing and active participation in therapy can help alleviate symptoms of mental disorders, repair relationships, and restore social functioning.
In individual DBT treatment, we focus on identifying negative thought patterns and problem behaviors with the goal of developing coping skills and solutions. I also provide Torah-Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Torah-observant African Americans.
DBT is originally designed for those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but has also demonstrated efficacy with individuals who struggle with self-injury, suicidal ideation, or PTSD. You don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone! You can learn to balance both acceptance and change. Reach out to me today to begin building a life worth living!

Master of Social Work (MSW),Organizations and Communities/University of South Carolina-Columbia
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