Who do you go to when life hurts? What do you do when problems arise? Where do you go when the stigma of traditional counseling is not an option? I am here to assist you with online and traditional counseling. I counsel individuals, couples, and families. I have been in private practice since September, 1999. I believe that each of us have the ability to heal our hurts through forgiveness and the mending our broken hearts. Some of the issues that I work with are substance abuse, depression, forgiveness, anger, relationship issues, sexual assault, domestic violence, PTSD and career choices.
I guess I’m considered a generalist although I’m trained in domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse and career counseling. When we look at those areas in our lives, many issues arise such as depression, anxiety, relationships, communication, anger, divorce and others.
I believe that God has called me to heal the broken hearts so that we can live again. I believe that there is value in each of you and sometimes we can’t see our self worth because of our pain.

Ph.D., Counselling Psychology/University of Kentucky
Been in Practice Since