I have had the privilege of witnessing people undergo the slow, extremely subtle and remarkable journey of healing and self-transformation. This process of psychological growth is astoundingly complex, multilayered, circular and even mysteriously numinous in its unfolding. My philosophy as a therapist is primarily on core transformation rather than merely symptom management and needless to say, I strongly believe in the centrality of the therapeutic relationship as a significant healing agent. Moving towards our wholeness necessitates the courage to first move into the wounded parts that we all have as members of the human species.
I see all our wounds as the sacred pathways leading us to our wholeness. I specialize in depression and anxiety, chronic pain, multicultural assimilation, crisis of meaning, grief, and loss, relationship difficulties, parenting issues. I am an EMDR specialist and EFT( emotionally focused therapy) trained couple counselor. I am fluent in French and Farsi.
I like to incorporate the wisdom of the body in bringing healing and vitality to my client. I use breath work combined with guided imagery and body access tools in going deeper into the psyche and move toward the integration needed to bring wholeness into my client.

Masters of Arts/Lewis and Clark University
Been in Practice Since