You may be surprised to discover that the name of your problem is very familiar to me and that I am experienced in counseling interventions that will help you find other ways of responding to your unique life situations. Some common client issues include Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Self-esteem, Academic/work Performance, Addictive Behavior, and Changing Habits. These issues may be common, but their impact on your life will be unique. You will tell your story, your way, and in your time. Together we identify treatment interventions and goals that create the change that you want.
Supervision for Counseling Licensure: For me, supervision is about providing counselors with an environment where we can review your work in order to increase your skills and optimize the quality of care that you offer your clients. I share the roles of teacher, trainer, and monitor – roles I love.
Living your best life is about creating the change that you want. The good news is that you are the only one who can do this. Counseling serves as a tool to guide you through the change that you want. Deep inside of yourself you know what is best. As your counselor, I point you in that direction and walk the journey with you. Let’s talk.

Doctor of Christaian Counselling (DCC),Christian Counselling/Logos University
Been in Practice Since