Is practicing social distancing causing feelings of distress and isolation? Do you desire intimate, connected, and meaningful relationships, but have difficulty taking down your walls? Are you interested in an integrative approach towards mental wellness that explores healing emotionally, physically and spiritually? I believe that healing and wholeness are possible after trauma and heartbreak, but both require active pursuit to arrive there. If you are seeking a safe and non-judgmental space to begin moving towards healing of your mind, body, and spirit, I can help.
Relationships are an essential part of life. I guide people towards skills that improve or create healthy relationships. While it is important to examine the past, I also believe healing comes from being intentional in the present and creating connection and positive change for the future. I specialize in working with intercultural couples and families.
I am a holistic counselor providing a nurturing and open environment where you can begin your journey towards mind, body, and spirit wholeness. If desired, I can integrate Christian perspective into treatment. I am trained as a faith-based yoga teacher and can integrate yoga techniques into your healing process. The life you desire is yours to create.

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