I understand that it takes courage to begin the process of therapy. My goal is to provide compassionate, supportive and non-judgmental counseling in a safe and nurturing environment. I use both professional and personal experiences to help individuals reach goals. I realize life can be difficult and we may feel alone in our problems. I believe clients enter therapy with a desire for change and willingness to take on a journey of self discovery. I support the client in entering this process in whatever way feels right for them.
I am committed to helping you live a healthier and more joy-filled life. I use a variety of treatment models as each person is unique and may not benefit from the same approach. I believe that the key to successful treatment is the right fit between therapist and client.
Treating one’s mental health is just as important as treating a physical illness or injury. Neither will heal properly if neglected and uncared for without the right support.

Master of Arts (M.A), Mental Health Counselling/North Carolina Central University
Been in Practice Since