Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? Thinking to yourself: “There’s no way things can get any worse” and then feeling like they do. Are you feeling stuck and like you just can’t get ahead no matter what you try? Have you recently experienced a loss and are having a difficult time moving forward? Imagine yourself waking up each day with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. See yourself dealing with life’s difficult moments with more peace and grace for yourself and others. It would be nice to sleep peacefully each night and wake up with a new lease on life: no more second guessing, no more self-doubt, no more feeling trapped.
I have years of experience working one-on-one with women- helping them to feel more fulfilled and less stressed and overwhelmed. I focus on changing unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns and replacing them with more positive and balanced thoughts and actions. Always working with YOU as you are the expert on you. I’m simply here to help along the way.
It’s never easy to ask for help, so I applaud you for taking the first steps in identifying a therapist. Call today and set up a free phone consultation. I can’t wait to help you unleash the power within.

University of Central Florida, Master's degree, Social Work
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