The adversities we face in life often lead us to keeping our emotions at arm’s length, but the tricky part is that those emotions tend to show up one way or another. It could be through an argument, eating habits, shopping, isolating, or other behaviors that manifest as depression and anxiety. Consistently connecting with your emotions can be a daunting prospect, however I would love to support you in your journey. I believe you are the expert on you and my role is to create a space to deepen your understanding of yourself and provide the tools to accomplish the goals we set together.
I provide both individual and group therapy, which are all offered online. Forms of therapy I use include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and mindfulness skills training. The groups I offer are: African American Women’s Wellness; African American Men’s Wellness; Stress Management; White Women’s Racial Identity.
You have made progress by being open to therapy and taking the time to research clinicians. If you would like to explore whether I am the right fit for your needs please feel free to reach out for a 15-minute phone consultation at no charge. Congratulations on making it this far, it takes courage to seek support.

Doctor of Philosophy –PhD, Counselling Psychology/ University of Georgia
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