I am a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor located in Dorchester, Massachusetts. I have worked in substance abuse for 8 years by helping men and women fight their addictions. As someone who has personally witnessed the struggles of battling drug addiction, I have come to understand that “the change is in the thinking…not the doing.” This means that any changes we want to make must begin with the way we think about things. Our thoughts impact our actions. Thoughts may be deeply impacted by past traumas, anxiety, the environment in which you were raised, depression, or relationships, and may prevent us from being our best selves.
I am here to help untangle these thoughts and to create a personalized and actionable plan for recovery. I provide a safe, therapeutic environment where you are free to share your thoughts, and begin the work to change them. “Change” might sound scary…but it doesn’t have to be. It is simply a decision to do things differently.
Together, we will work on shifting your mindsets, releasing your substance abuse dependencies, and your transformation from survival to living your best life.

Master of Education (MEd), Mental Health Counselling/ Cambridge University
Been in Practice Since