Hi, I’m Copley I specialize in individual, family and couples counseling. I especially enjoy helping women who seek assistance coping with depression, anxiety and/or struggles with self-worth and relationships. I am flexible and open-minded and love collaborating with clients to help co-create their own therapeutic process. Therapy can be a great space to receive empathy and be heard, but it also a time to strategize concrete goals and push for progress
I typically integrate multiple clinical approaches based on what my client’s goals are and what preferences they may have. By looking into therapy you’ve come further than many do and I encourage you to take one more step and set up a intro call today! Whether it is with me or someone else in my network I want to get everyone the help that is needed!
My schedule is very flexible which allows for growth around what a patient is expecting from the therapeutic process

Masters of Science Mental Health Counseling/Mercy College
Been in Practice Since