I am extremely familiar working with high risk, treatment resistant populations, as well as high functioning, therapeutically minded individuals who are motivated to become better at mastering life’s obstacles. I believe that in therapy emotional and behavioral change begins with the relationship between the therapist and the client. My role as your therapist is not to be an expert on how you should live your life; rather I am an active participant in your personal journey of self-exploration.
I am an experienced problem solver, who is looking to use his experience to help you solve more problems. I’ve worked extensively with people searching for fulfillment in their careers, students pursuing their educational goals, and professionals who were in the process of becoming their own boss.
I provide a range of counseling and assessment services that help you understand yourself better, and allow you to take control of your own path to success. I take a pragmatic, yet empathic approach to bringing out the best in you. So take that first step, and call me now.

Psy.D., Clinical Psychology/Roosevelt University
Been in Practice Since