Do you suffer from constant anxiety and or panic attacks? Do you have a history of loss, difficult relationships and other traumatic experiences that hurt when you think about them today? Well, you are not alone. Seeking counseling can be an anxious time for many people, yet I believe it can be the start to a positive and productive experience. I believe joining with my clients to create a therapy experience tailored to their individual needs is important. The therapy sessions will be a safe place to gain new skills to help you live a more prosperous and fulfilling life.
I offer online therapy which provides convenience, privacy and affordability all in one place. There are so many different types of situations or experiences that can create a need for therapy.
I have experience successfully helping people feel less depressed or anxious, build their parenting skills with strong willed children, get through difficult life changes, improve their relationship with their partner or friends, and create a less stressful environment for themselves. I am trained in a few research based treatments for trauma and parenting.

Master of Social Work (MSW)/ California State University Stanislaus
Been in Practice Since