Sometimes we struggle with loneliness, insecurity, and building relationships. The desire to connect is there but because of anxiety about being too vulnerable with people, it becomes too risky; it feels like your safety and comfort is at stake. The cycle of wanting more connection, yet being uncomfortable with deeper connection can take it’s toll on you. Symptoms like depression, irritability, isolation, and low self-esteem can creep in and negatively affect your productivity, sleep, and physical health.
Using various therapeutic interventions, I guide clients toward experiencing growth in confidence and ability to connect and build the kinds of relationships they truly want. By learning specific interpersonal and emotional skills, and experiential exercises, clients become aware of their core values as well as their social and relational goals.
There are many ways to lose balance in life, which causes us to experience difficulty in our relationships, work life, and the way we perceive ourselves. When you are ready to step into your healing journey, call me to set up an appointment. I am currently seeing clients face-to-face and via Telehealth. I do not accept insurance.

Midwestern State University
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