Welcome to the first steps of your journey to a new, fulfilled & happier life experience. I am honored to work with you to help you achieve your highest potential & to assist you in making positive changes. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. While using the power of your own mind, you can make changes that are lasting & permanent. Hypnosis uses the power of your mind to make those changes. Together, we will work through the problems & develop coping skills to handle life’s difficulties. From abuse to stress reduction & much, much more, hypnotherapy is the ticket to natural healing & growth.
I specialize in the use of hypnosis. This modality has proven to be successful in my practice & in my personal life for more than 15 years. Hypnosis uses the power of your mind to solve & resolve issues, to build on strengths & to create opportunities for growth & change. It is a comfortable, relaxing, natural experience with lasting benefits.
I work mostly with adult professionals who experience trauma and stress in the workplace mostly after-hours to accommodate their work schedule. Completely confidential counseling is provided to address depression, anger, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues & self-care. I value safety, communication & honesty. Call for a consultation TODAY! 504-681-7030

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Clinical Hypnotherapy/Alpha University
Been in Practice Since