Hi there, and welcome. If your child’s behaviors and/or emotions have you feeling eager to find a solution, I am here to help. Being a parent or caregiver to a child struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges is tough. And despite the fact that you know your child best, you may still be struggling to find the right interventions, supports, and resources to make it all better. That’s where I come in. In addition to providing psychotherapy, I can help you navigate the various resources available to support your child.
My services are both effective and unique. I provide In-Home Therapy which allows all members of the family to be involved as much or as little as necessary for progress to be made. In addition to providing services in the home, I am also available to attend school meetings and doctor’s appointments if the family would like more support in these areas.
I pride myself on being there for my clients when they need me. That is why I encourage families to contact me with questions, concerns, or updates outside of the scheduled therapy sessions. Children and families should never feel alone in their challenges. I am here and we will work together to get things better! Call for your free consult today!

Master of Education (MEd.), Mental Health Counselling and Family Therapy /Cambridge College
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