What does “healing” mean to you? Is it a one-time event or ongoing process? Maybe for you it’s both or neither or more? How you define healing will be based on your needs, goals and experiences. I specialize in working with adults to address trauma and major life changes. I have extensive experience working with individuals coping with illness, trauma from medical treatment and violent injury. I also work with clients exploring their gender & sexual identity. I am available for virtual therapy (telehealth).
To explore a range of issues including anxiety, depression and stress, I interpret multiple therapeutic approaches (i.e., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. I am Queer-competent and familiar with affirmative therapy. I am training to incorporate body-based approaches: Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Conscious Yoga Method.
Let’s talk more about what healing means to you and how I can help. You’re welcome to schedule a 15-minute intro call to ask questions and talk about your therapy goals. Together will build a therapeutic relationship that allows for you to be your authentic self. I look forward to working alongside you as your discover your path to well-being.

MSW, Social Work/Howard University
Been in Practice Since